Health Information Literacy

Understanding Health Information Literacy in Australia’s Ageing Population: A Qualitative Study

By 2056, 1 in 4 Australians will be 65 years and over. While Australians are living longer than ever before an increasing number of people are affected by chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity. Three out of five Australians do not have the information skills or knowledge required to make health choices. This project will develop a model of health information literacy for ageing Australians. It will establish a national Health Information Literacy Framework to be used by health and information agencies in designing and developing resources and services. The research will be undertaken as a partnership between QUT, Griffith University and the Health Contact Centre.


Australian Research Council Linkage Grant


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Helen Partridge, Queensland University of Technology
Sylvia Edwards, Queensland University of Technology
Christine Bruce, Queensland University of Technology
Gary Day, Griffith University
Helen Cooper, Griffith University

Christine Yates, Queensland University of Technology

Ian Stoodley, Queensland University of Technokogy