Publications: 2001

Journal Articles

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Book chapters

  1. Edwards, S. and Bruce, C. (2000) Reflective internet searching: an action research model, in Ortrun Zuber-Skerrit (ed) Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management:  Theory, Practice, Praxis, Action Research Unit: Griffith University, 5th World Congress of Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management, University of Ballarat, Victoria, September, pp. 141-152.

Encyclopaedia Article

  1. Bruce, C. S. (submitted) Information Literacy. International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science.

Conference Papers

  1. Bruce, C. S. (2001) Creating learning opportunities: using the relational model of information literacy. Invited address to Creating Knowledge II Conference, Malmo, Sweden.
  2. Bruce C.S. (2001) Information literacy; research into practice. Invited address to National Library Conference, Boras, Sweden.
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  5. Bruce, C.S. (2001) Thinking like a higher educator: using theoretical models for information literacy program design and implementation. Invited presentation to CAVAL conference, Melbourne.