Publications: 2005

Research Reports

  1. Bruce, C., Pham, B. and Stoodley, I. (2005). The collective consciousness of information technology research.  Research students’ ways of seeing information technology research:  its objects and territories.

Journal Articles

  1. Pham, B. Bruce, C and Stoodley, I (2005) Constituting Information Technology Research: the Experience of IT Researchers, Higher Education Research and Development , vol. 24, no3. pp. 215-232.
  2. Hughes, H, Middleton, M, Edwards, S, Bruce, C. and Mc Allister, L. (2005) Information literacy research in Australia 2000-2005, Bulletin des Bibliotheques de France, 50(6), 45-55.

Conference Papers

  1. Salleh, A. Winslett, G. Bruce, C. Tickle, A. (2005) Diagnostic learning: using web-based self-diagnostic tools for learning abstract concepts in data network education. QUT  OLT Conference paper November 2005.
  2. Hughes, H. and Bruce, C. (2005) Cultural diversity and educational inclusivity: International students’ use of online information, Paper presented at the 12th International Conference on Learning, Granada, July 2005.
  3. Middleton, M. Bruce, C, Partridge, H and Edwards, S (2005). Developing a research culture and scholarship plan in information studies, Paper presented at 2nd seminar on research applications in information and library studies, 16-17 September, 2005, National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT.


  1. Masters students views of IT research.


  1. Bruce, C.S Information literacy: a cornerstone for 21 st century education. First Guandong, Macao, Hong Kong Conference on IT Education, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Keynote Address June 2005



  1. QUT Distinguished Supervision Award – 2004
  2. Communication of Research Special Interest Group for AERA Annual Awards for the Best Education Research Article in an Open Access Journal, 2004.